For the first year of Gaia’s life, we were in an out of lockdown, and while we did manage a few weekends away, the idea of travelling with a baby (and then toddler) felt really stressful and daunting. We clearly got over that fear, as we are now on the adventure of a lifetime, travelling the world as a family full time, and we are LOVING it. So here are 5 reasons why we think everyone should travel with their kids!

It’s an education

Travelling is easily one of the BEST ways to learn about the world. What better way to learn about history, the environment , animal species, or different cultures, than by visiting these places, and learning from the places and people first hand. 

You open their minds

Seeing how others live, trying new foods, being pushed out of our comfort zone, and having experiences beyond what we are use to, is one of the best ways to broaden our world view and open our minds. Teaching kids that there is a big wide world out there, and showing them other ways of life, is one of the best gifts we can give them. 

Quality time

Before we set off on this adventure, Josh worked a 40 hour week, and I worked part time. Outside of work we had chores to do like shopping, cleaning, and cooking. We spent the majority of our week waiting for the weekend, so we could spend quality time together, only to be exhausted and drained once it finally arrived. Travelling with your kids gives you the ultimate opportunity for quality time together. We don’t have to do laundry, cook meals (well, for the most part), or worry about the mundane life admin that comes with a 9-5. All our time is spend making memories, enjoying each other’s company, and watching Gaia grow. 

mother and child at cafe in georgetown penangmother and child at cafe in georgetown penang

You meet people

This is possibly my favourite part of travelling, but I didn’t realise how much this amped up once you travel with a child. They are an ice breaker – kids are so much more likely to say hi to a stranger or the person sitting next to you at a cafe. We spend so much time at kids playgrounds and have met so many really lovely parents this way. We’ve been invited to stay with people, had play dates, been invited back for home cooked meals, and just generally made some really special and meaningful connections. 

child walking through streets of georgetown penangchild walking through streets of georgetown penang

You get to see the world through their eyes

Everything is new to kids, and everything is exciting (regardless of where you are in the world). They teach us to slow down and look at things we might otherwise not have noticed – a small flower, an interesting bug, a colourful sign – and they help us appreciate the things around us so much more. Travelling with Gaia has definitely taught Josh and I to slow down, and to walk and explore at her pace, and we have seen so much more as a result.

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