Lau Pa Sat – possibly the most popular Hawker Center in Singapore!

Arriving in Singapore I had zero expectations around finding vegan spots to eat. I knew the city had a great reputation for food generally, and the Hawker Centre’s were meant to be incredible, but I also knew that there was going to be a lot of meat options and I wasn’t sure how I would find it. 

Turns out – Singapore has some EPIC vegan spots to eat at! Whether you’re after exclusively vegan places, or you’re like me and love somewhere that accommodates everyone, here are some of the best places we ate at while in Singapore. 


This was the first place we went when we arrived in Singapore, and it wasn’t the cheapest option. We didn’t know if these were the prices we would be paying all week, or if we had just chosen to go somewhere super trendy without realising. 

Josh didn’t think it was anything to rave about, and looking back we’re not sure if that’s because we were tired, we were stressing out about Gaia’s peanut allergy, and we were a bit surprised how much it cost, or if it genuinely just wasn’t that amazing. I on the other hand, loved it. I think I am easier to please than Josh, but we had 3 dishes to share, and all were super tasty. 

Love Handle

Love Handle had JUST opened when we got to Singapore, and I’m so glad it had. They are a plant based butcher, and no word of a lie – their mushroom burger is the best burger I have ever eaten. Even if you aren’t vegan – add this place to your list for Singapore, you won’t regret it. 

They have a cool aesthetic, wicked prints and art on the walls, and its in a cool part of Chinatown that’s really nice to walk around (not far from the Maxwell Hawker Centre). 

Genesis Vegan Cafe

We were so surprised how many relatively ‘discreet’ malls there were in Singapore – from the outside they don’t look like anything special/worth checking out, but inside there are little eateries, cool coffee shops, and all kinds of boutiques, and that’s the vibe of Havelock2 where Genesis is. I can’t even remember what made us go in for a look around.- but when we stumbled upon this exclusively vegan place, we were so glad we did! 

If you are after an affordable, easy, and delicious option – this place is a must. They have even won TimeOut awards for their vegan dumplings, and they serve a range of vegan ice creams for after. 

Komala Vilas 

We knew we wanted to go to Little India for a meal while we were in Singapore, because Indian food is usually incredibly vegan friendly, and we absolutely love it, so I put Josh in charge of finding a place to go and he came across Komala Vilas. 

They first opened in 1947 and have been going strong serving delicious vegetarian Indian food ever since. They have almost 5,000 reviews online from people raving about how good the food is, and they’re not wrong! We ordered a Masala Dosa and a Vegetarian Biriyani, and it was SO good. It was here that we also discovered Gaia’s love for Dosa. Definitely, definitely recommend. 

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre 

Could I even write a food blog about Singapore and not mention a Hawker Centre?! I’d love to share some epic hidden gem or secret spot that no one knows about, but Lau Pa Sat is the most popular Hawker Centre in Singapore for a reason! The building is beautiful, and there is just so much choice that you will be sure to find something you’ll love. We went back twice during our week in Singapore because the food was just so good, and we loved the atmosphere of eating in a Hawker Centre. 

We only spent a week in Singapore so didn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to epic food spots in the city, but we loved all of these places and if you do go check them out, we hope you love them too!

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